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The Tempus is an elegant cigar from Alec Bradley. It is without doubt that the tempus line is way ahead of Alec Bradley?s Maxx line. However, credit must be given where its due- the Maxx is a pretty formidable smoke in its own right. Classic boutique cigar is what aptly describes the Tempus. The Tempus brand is available in a 6.1 inches size torpedo with a ring gauge of 52. The Tempus wrapper is derived from the Habano seed which has its origin in the countryside in a small farm situated at the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. A blend of both Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco forms the filler. You can rest assured that the best tobacco qualities of both regions are provided for in the Tempus. The binder has its origins from Indonesia.

If you happen to frequent cigar shops, you will find that love confessions for Alec Bradley?s Tempus line abound. Many cigar enthusiasts who have tasted the Tempus will gladly go on and on about their new found love. The Tempus has an impeccable dressing or appearance. Its band was nowhere the basic look of the Maxx cigar also from Alec Bradley. The Tempus exhibits a dual band that is richly and elaborately done. The imposing cigar under the dressing certainly lives up to its reputation as a cigar fir for royalty. The Habano seed wrapper from Nicaragua is of top notch quality. It has a hue which can be termed as dark brown and reddish in orientation. The Tempus cigar is solidly built in a balanced and uniform manner. On a scale of 5, the Tempus easily scores 4 ? on appearance only.

If you thought the Tempus?s appearance was excellent, you should experience the elegance and richness in its taste and aroma. The head of this cigar gives way gracefully to a double guillotine cutter. Once the foot is toasted using a torch, all the hidden characteristic of the Tempus come flooding back. The Tempus is a richly flavored cigar that has dark coffee and earthy flavors characteristic of all Honduran and Nicaraguan blends. The burn is even and produces excellent white smoke. The burn is also consistent and does not require any relighting whatsoever during the course of the entire smoke. Its nicotine kick is also extremely heavy and you would be well advised to have a heavy dinner before lighting one of this. The Tempus also packs some peppery undertones that were kind of distant. Some people however credit the Tempus with stronger pepper flavors which might be ideal with some enthusiasts.

The Tempus is a cigar fit for repeat smoking bouts. The overall flavor of the Tempus can be said to be spicy. The Tempus scores an impressive 9 on a scale of 10. Alec Bradley definitely gave the Tempus a lot of thought as it is an impressive cigar by any standards. It is definitely best suited for the experienced cigar smoker as opposed to a recruit. Go on and give the Tempus a try, it will definitely be worth it.


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