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Padron 1926

Padron cigars have their origin in the Nicaraguan republic. They come in a double corona format with the triplicate components namely binder, filler and wrapper all from Nicaragua. The Padron 1926 cigar is available in a size of 6.75 x 54 with an accompanying ring gauge of 54. The handmade cigar retails at $20 pr stick. This 1926 series was purposely released to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founder, Cigar master Jose Padron. It is completely known as Padron Serie 1926 No. 1. It is best stored in the humidor for those special occasions. I must say it has one of the most complex flavor regimes I ever came across. Its wrapper is unparalleled in beauty.

The Padron 1926 has an appearance that has no flaws whatsoever. The veins are outstanding though. The stick?s rather expensive price is further enhanced by its imposing band.

All Padron 1926 cigars are box pressed which makes them pretty stiff if you make hand contact. They however, have extremely copious amounts of smoke coupled with an effortless pre-draw and draw. It has no complications regarding its built.

As I mentioned earlier on, I am yet to come across a cigar that has such a complex flavor regime. It was almost impossible to bring out all the varied taste notes in this cigar which are so elegantly blended in. To start with, it comes across as relatively soft characterized by chocolate and coffee notes. In between the second third, the Padron 1926 cigars gains more power and finally develop some exciting spicy notes coupled with earthy ones. These are followed by the powerful double corona which is truly dazzling. Peppery flavors give this cigar a deserving and strong end.

The Padron 1926 is not a cheap cigar on any scale. It is however ideal for those very special moments that require an outstanding toast and smoke. The Padron 1926 is an outstanding smoke by any standard. It easily ranks as one of my favorites among the high end sticks. It offers an experience that will forever remain etched in your mind.

Padron Serie 1926 #6 Natural

Its origins are in the Nicaraguan Republic. It is built in a robust format with a 4 ? x 50 size. The ring gauge is 50 with the filler, binder and wrapper all coming in from Nicaragua. The handmade stick retails at $12 each. Like all other 1926 line cigars, it also commemorates Padron Jose?s birth year. The tobacco used in this cigar is guaranteed to be 5 years of age. This marvelous cigar is however on a limited annual production of 100,000 cigars.

It has a gorgeous appearance which is greatly enhanced by the wrapper which is light brown in color and the lovely band which is nicely serialized. The wrapper has a few veins running along its entire length. The Padron 1926 cigars are all box pressed and they do not consequently have soft spots. The draw is sweat free despite this smoke being a bit firm and taut. The result of an easy or effortless draw is always a hot burn though I didn?t think this to be quite a great impediment as concerns its construction. I?d like to classify it as an issue to do with experience. The resulting smoke is thick white and in generous amounts which is unlike this cigars stature- small. There was no need for touchups as its burn was consistent throughout.

The Padron Serie 1926 #6 Natural has a mixed flavor at the start that comprises of leather, chocolate and wood. This is blended in with an exciting spicy aftertaste. A sweet flavor that can be described as fruity ensues after the one third mark. A coffee joins the fray a little way into the second third. Throughout this smoke, the cigar grows in potency which makes for a rather forceful cigar.

This cigar is worth its retail price of $12 to $15. This is expressly because the exquisite blend of utterly exotic flavors not to mention its top notch construction amounts to a cigar masterpiece. The construction of Padron Serie 1926 #6 and its flavor blend is definitely an explosive combination which makes this cigar rank very highly in my personal rankings. As a matter of fact, I would assign this incredible smoke a score of 5 out of 5 without any qualms. It is definitely worth a try.


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