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Joya De Nicaragua Joya Red

Joya Red, a new and exciting cigar from Joya de Nicaragua! Unlike their traditional making of powerful cigars, this cigar is the unexpected. Developed for the modern smoker by the youngest executive team in the industry, together with the most senior Master Blenders of Nicaragua. Juan Ignacio Mart?nez, President of Joya de Nicaragua since 2013, led a team of contemporary executives and experienced Master Blenders such as Leonel Raudez, Joya de Nicaragua?s Factory Manager since 1992, to create this beautiful new blend. The result is a vibrant smoke you will enjoy anytime, anywhere; classy, as always, but also a lot more fun. This blend was created with tobaccos from Joya?s beloved home of Nicaragua. Stepping away from their abundant use of ligeros and thick wrappers, they created a blend with more visos and lower priming Habano wrappers. The binder and filler leafs were also grown in the rich and fertile lands of Estel?, Jalapa and Condega. This combination of premium tobaccos resulted in a balanced cigar with medium strength and captivating flavors, all of which allow for an extremely pleasant smoking experience.
Joya De Nicaragua Joya Red, Tins
Joya De Nicaragua Joya Red, Tins
4 x 32, 50 in all
More Detail
Actual Wrapper:Habano
Wrapper Category:Natural
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