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The Oliva family created "nubs", which is a concept that seeks to deliver only that most enjoyable part of the cigar. The idea for the nubs came from the theory that a cigar finds its "sweet spot" at the 3 ?- 4 inch point. All "nub" cigars must exist within this window. No ?nub? is longer than 4 inches. Further adding to this complex theory, the ring gauges range from 56-66. The result is a range of smokes that have the same amount of tobacco as any Churchill or even Presidente. Unbelievably, they also smoke as long.

Jose Oliva began experimenting with the concept in mid 2007. After hearing the sizes the no-nonsense Oliva Family was initially skeptical. The idea of a 4x60 or 4x66 sounded like a novelty to them. It was not until the family tested the concept and was able to see and smoke them that they understood that this was no novelty. They realized that there in fact was something that had not been done in this business. It is truly an innovation which has the ability to have one revisit wrappers that they may have had long since formed opinions about. Understanding that not everyone is in love with large ring gauges, you have to first grasp the theory of "nub" because in the world of "nubs" a 60 is not a large ring gauge. The only real way to understand it is to smoke one. The cigar starts at the sweet spot and gets better from there. The large ring gauge allows for a dense ash which insulates the cigar keeping it cool as you smoke. The large amount of smoke also allows you to really enjoy the complex flavors.

Sam's excitement really grew on the Oliva's as they began to experiment with the concept. After experimenting with hundreds of sizes and samples they felt ready to support the project.

The cigar is available in three wrappers: Habano, Cameroon, and Connecticut. There will be three sizes shared by all wrappers plus an additional size which is unique to each wrapper. The flavor range is from mild to full but always complex and hearty.
Nub Sampler, 4-cigars,Punch cutter, Contains 1 each of the following:
Nub Sampler, 4-cigars,Punch cutter, Contains 1 each of the following:
Nub Sampler, 4-cigars, Contains 1 cigar punch, 1 each of the following:(Hab 460, Cam 460, Conn 460, Mad 460)
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