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Macanudo cigars were introduced in 1971 by the General Cigar Company under the management of Ramon Cifuentes who was a cigar master of the Partagas. The Macanudo cigars are aged twice and use well aged Connecticut Shade wrappers. It originally comes from the Dominican Republic and this leading premium cigar features a wonderful blend of Dominican tobaccos and a binder that hails from St. Andress Tuxtla Valley of Mexico. The Macanudo offers a smooth taste and it is only made from the finest well aged tobaccos. The following are some of the Macanudo brands.

The Macanudo Robust

The Macanudo Robust was introduced in 1998, this medium bodied cigar is packed full with flavor, however over the years the Robust has evolved to meet the consumers? expectations and preferences and in 2003 a full bodied Mananudo was introduced which is more flavored and a lot more complex. The new Mancanudo was crafted by a man called Daniel Nunez who is a cigar master. This amazing cigar features a deep dark Connecticut Shade Wrapper that has been grown in the Connecticut River Valley farms owned by Macanudo. The binder is a sweet Connecticut Broadleaf while the filler is a flavorful blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos. The wrapper is silky and slightly oily and the dark brown color gives the cigar an elegant outlook. The flavors feature a predominant sweet flavor that is quite unique and the pre-draw offers coffee and earth flavors and it is quite creamy. The finish is quite smooth and it is not harsh at all.

This are some of the more popular Macanudo cigars.

The Macanudo Robust Duke of Devon

This cigar is much smaller and has a rough appearance. It utilizes the same wrapper, binder and fillers as all the Macaduno Robust cigars. It features slightly different kind of flavors ranging from a pre-light aroma of cedar, birch and paper with a spicy aftertaste, salt and cereal flavors appear midway with an underlying molasses-like taste.

The Macanudo Maduro

The Maduro was introduced in the 1970s and it originates from the Dominican Republic. It features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that is quite oily and very flavorful. The Maduro line offers mild to medium bodied cigars that are rich in flavor and are very smooth. They are blended with the finest Dominican Cuban Seed tobaccos that have been fermented twice. The Maduro line include the:

Macanudo Maduro Ascot:

This cigar features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and Dominican Cuban seed and Mexico tobacco filler and a Mexican binder.

Macanudo Maduro Diplomat:

This cigar offers an amazingly flavored Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and the smoothness of a premium cigar brand.

Macanudo Maduro Baron de Rothschild:

This well crafted, full-bodied cigar exudes elegance and it is perfect when smoked after dinner.

Macanudo Maduro Prince Philip:

This cigar is light bodied and has earthy flavors with nutty undertones.

Macanudo Maduro Hampton Court:

The Hampton Court has nice oils and features a sweet flavor.

Macanudo Maduro Hyde Park:

This cigar has a rich dark appearance and it is mild to medium bodied featuring peppery undertones with hints of cream.

Macanudo Maduro Duke of Devon:

This medium bodied cigar features a creamy, fruity flavor with hints of vanilla

Macanudo Gold Label

This magnum opus features a silky golden Connecticut Shade wrapper and it is mild to medium bodied. The Gold Label filler is Dominican specifically Piloto Cubano and Mexican tobaccos while the binder is Mexican San Andrean. They are blended in the General Cigar Dominicana factory in the Dominican Republic. This elegant masterpiece features a natural sweetness.It is smooth and consistent. The wrapper has a Spanish term which is "Capa Especial", this means the wrapper has a very unique taste one that is hard to come by. This cigar are so limited and rare that they are only available only once in a year.

The Macanudo Vintage

The Vintage series comes in nine sizes and it features a very rare oily Connecticut Shade wrapper. The tobaccos used have been aged for a longer period of time compared to other brands. The Vintage Cabinet selection is usually released three years after their tobaccos have been harvested. These cigars are blended with the finest Dominican Republic and Mexican tobaccos and offer a wonderful sweet syrupy aroma featuring sweet, creamy and woody flavors with a touch of spice. This medium bodied cigar is mild and very smooth and it is best enjoyed in the morning with a cup of coffee or after a hearty breakfast. This handmade Vintage Cabinet Selection includes the Vintage 1988 No. I to XX available in different sizes including the churchill, lonsdale, corona, robusto and long panatela. Then we have the Vintage 1993 No. I to XX, The Vintage 1997 No. I to VIII and lastly we have the Vintage 2000 VIII.

Macanudo in Spanish means "best of the best", therefore expect nothing but the best out of the Macanudo Vintage Cabinet line. This amazing cigars are mild and perfect for a special occasion.
Macanudo, Caviar
Macanudo, Caviar
4 X 36, 50 per box
Origin:Dominican Republic
Actual Wrapper:Connecticut
Wrapper Category:Connecticut
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Origin:Dominican Republic
Actual Wrapper:Connecticut
Wrapper Category:Connecticut


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