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Liga Privada Unico Series

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These impeccable cigars are from Drew estate which is renowned for their infused and highly flavored cigars. They produce premium range of cigars with impeccable flavors. The Liga Privada T-52 from Drew Estate has its origins from Nicaragua. It comes in a Toro format and a size 6 x 52. It boasts of an American Habano wrapper with a filler that is multinational in origin. The wrapper is a broadleaf stalk cut type from Connecticut which is also sun grown and hand fermented. The filler or tripa is a superb tobacco blend from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. The binder is Mata-Fina from Brazil.

The story behind La Privada goes something like this. The term Liga Privada stands for private blend. They were intended for the president of Drew Estate Steven Saka as opposed to a general release. Drew Estate guarantees you of a smoke that is at least a year old. The Liga Privada T-52 comes in an oily and dark wrapper with a color that can only be described as falling between Colorado-maduro and maduro. The texture is sweetly done with slight displays of teeth and a slight slippery feeling. Its prelight aroma is mild in a pleasant manner and it exhibits a draw that has all the characteristics of a Liga Privada i.e. attention grabbing and soothing peppery flavor. This Liga Privada lit quite easily with the heat from the ember pushing the oil from the heavily oiled wrapper up a quarter of an inch. There are unscrupulous cigar makers who use adjuncts or add- ons onto their cigars and claim that they have oily wrappers. At Drew Estate, they make use of the real thing. The flavor outline is a unique blend of very restrained notes of coffee beans and cocoa. It boasts of a pretty easy retro exhale that exhibits spice undertones all the way to the nose?s entrance. The initial smoke is sufficient and white grayish in color. The foot is also known to be generous with smoke production. Pepper undertones characterize the one third section of this cigar though with copious amounts of smooth and cool smoke. The resulting ash which is dark grey in color is pretty firm as it holds even 2 inches into the smoke. Once more the one third mark of this great smoke has flavors that are indeed mouth watering. This is followed by some hints of pepper. The overall flavor then takes over. The midway point has interesting leathery notes though. This is followed by an array of chocolate, cream and other engaging flavors. The finish is a bit spicy which makes for a well done finish.

The Liga Privada exhibits a consistent burn throughout without any touch ups whatsoever. The retro exhalation is also quite enjoyable throughout this fine smoke. The flavor is indeed true to Drew Estate?s legacy of complexity. The Liga Privada T52 is one of the most unimpeachable smokes displaying exemplary workmanship.
Liga Privada, Rugby Shirt
Liga Privada, Rugby Shirt
Rugby Shirt, XXL
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