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The Don Pepin cigars were named after their creator Jose "Pepin" Garcia, his knowledge of cigars began when he was at the age of 11. Throughout the years he became a master blender in Cuba and started teaching on how to roll and blend cigars. Pepin had a natural talent and became a master of tobacco blending that saw him attain the highest rank of cigar rollers, this status was known as the tabaquero maestro. His masterful skills in cigar blending and rolling won him respect in the Cuba cigar industry and he went on to be part of the creation and production of the Montecristo and Cohiba brands. Thereafter he was offered a consultancy job of cigar making however he turned down the offer. It has also been said that at some point he was Fidel Castro's personal roller although this is yet to be confirmed.

Mr. Garcia soon left Cuba and began to work for Aganorsa, a well established and successful tobacco company in Nicaragua which belonged to a man called Eduardo Fernandez, he later moved his family to Miami after leaving Nicaragua in 2002 and it was in Calle Ocho in Miami that he began his cigar manufacturing business that he called El Rey de Los Habanos. Pepin has his very own cigar lines that are quite rare, they are made using Nicaraguan tobaccos and feature different kinds of wrappers, his cigars range from medium to full-bodied and in addition he has also produced cigars for Padilla, Pete Johnson among many others. The El Rey de Los Habanos factory currently has 12 rollers who are all class 8 cigar rollers which is a master rank, and are said to be his former students.

This is a list of some of Don Pepin's masterfully blended and crafted cigars. The first three brands are his very own while other brands are client brands and he is still involved in their production.

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Robusto

The Classic Robusto commonly called the Black Label features a beautiful caramel color Corojo wrapper. It is full bodied and is quite similar to the Don Pepin Blue Label. This amazing cigar is very aromatic and flavorful featuring spice at the beginning and later becomes creamier, as you continue to enjoy the Classic the spice begins to fade and you are left with the premium tobacco flavors. The Cuban Classic Robusto is well balanced and very flavorful.

Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label

The Blue Label features a Corojo wrapper with a Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo filler and Nicaraguan Corojo binder. The dark wrapper has a sweet honey aroma and features an array of flavors ranging from pepper, coffee, caramel, cream, wood and nuts. Throughout the smoke you will enjoy an amazing combination of woody, creamy, nutty, toasty and coffee flavors with hints of vanilla sweetness and spice. Towards the end woody flavors with hints of leather, cream and black coffee are present. It is evident the Blue Label is a cigar to die for, it is full bodied and flavorfully packed, although expensive, this rare gem is worth every dime.

Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ

The Serie JJ is a blend created by both Jose Pepin and his son Jaime, hence the name. It is a medium to full bodied cigar that features a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, a Nicaraguan Criollo binder and the filler tobaccos are Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo. This flavorful cigar is mild and it features leather, citrus flavors with fruity undertones coupled with sweet spice with hints of vanilla. It is amazingly creamy with a slight peppery finish. The Serie JJ is very well balanced and simply delicious.

Don Pepin Cuban Diplomat

The Cuban Diplomat is a client brand and it is a medium bodied cigar that features a Connecticut Shade wrapper that is quite smooth and silky. This beautiful cigar is not at all overpowering but mild; it has complex flavors featuring spice and a feel of creaminess, as you continue to enjoy smoking the Diplomat sweet vanilla cream is present with chocolate and citrus undertones.

Habana Leon

The Haban Leon, a client brand, gets its name from the Cuban baseball team called the Habana Leones. It features a beautiful auburn colored Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, the filler is ligero tobacco and a Nicaraguan binder. This full bodied cigar is richly flavored with spiciness present at the beginning, midway there is the presence of cedar and black coffee flavors with nutty undertones. This aromatic powerhouse is not for the novice it is best suited for the cigar smoking experts.

Havana Soul

The Havana Soul also a client brand is a medium to full bodied cigar featuring a beautiful oily Corojo wrapper, the filler tobaccos are Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo, the binder is Nicaraguan Corojo. It features rather intense flavors which are well balanced. The first puff offers spicy notes and is then followed by sweet cream, roasted nuts, chocolate flavors with leathery undertones. The finish is quite mild and not bitter as you would expect. The Havana Soul comes in different sizes and a reasonable price tag.
Don Pepin Garcia, Black 1979 Robusto
Don Pepin Garcia, Black 1979 Robusto
5 x 50, 20 per box
Strength:Medium to Full
Actual Wrapper:Colorado Maduro
Wrapper Category:Maduro
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Strength:Medium to Full
Actual Wrapper:Colorado Maduro
Wrapper Category:Maduro


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