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Avo cigars were a creation of Avo Uvezian, a man who was born and bred in Beirut, Lebanon. Initially Avo?s dream was to become a musician and throughout his young adult life, he was able to pursue this dream with a lot of help from his parents who also had a passion for music and had themselves created careers out of it. Through his parent?s connections, Avo quickly developed and pursued his musical talents. He traveled with the Lebanon boys, a jazz trio to the Middle East where he was able to make contacts that would later help catapult his career.

In 1947, Avo arrived in the United States and attended the Juliard School of Music in New York Ciry. He studied classical piano and composition unfortunately he did not complete his studies because of the Korean War. He went through infantry training at the Fort Dix in New Jersey where he impressed officials with his musical talents and because of this; he was moved from the infantry and placed in Band training. Once in Korea the band played at the officers club for twenty dollars a night. In 1952 Avo was discharged, after which he worked with his father-in-law designing jewelry for a couple of years. Once in Puerto Rico, Avo landed a gig at the Palmas Del Mar Resort and he continued to grow in his career becoming a professional musician after composing a hit song ?Stranger in the Night? by Frank Sinatra.

In 1983, Avo?s daughter was born and he visited Switzerland to attend his daughter?s christening when after a meal he smoked some Cuban cigars only to be charged over twenty dollars for each cigar, this of course infuriated him and his friend casually pointed out that they should make their own. I do believe that his friend was obviously not serious and had made the statement for the purposes of humor but to Avo it was a thought that sparked his interest and he made up his mind to join the cigar industry. He then made a trip to the Dominican Republic and stayed there looking for a factory that would meet his requirements. Eventually he met a man by the name of Hendrik Kelner and smoked some of his samples, impressed; he offered Kelner a twenty-five percent increase of his original offer. This was an assurance that he would get the finest tobacco for his Avo cigars. His friend Micheal Roux who introduced Absolut Vodka in the United States advised Avo to produce high quality cigars and to put them in the best packaging

In no time at all Avo who was well connected had produced and sold 120,000 cigars at the end of the first year, gradually his cigars gained popularity increasing their demand and by the third year he had sold cigars exceeding 750,000. Today Avo cigars come in a wide range of different sizes and flavors. The most demanded Avo cigars are:

The Avo Classic

These high quality cigars grown in Ecuador have a luscious Connecticut-Seed Grown Wrapper and use a Cuban seed Piloto and San Vicente filler and binder that has been infused with Dominican Olor leaves to give it an awesome aroma and flavor. Rich in flavor, this classic blend has a mild, creamy character, with earthy and nutty notes complimented by a subtle pepper spice. The flavors and aromas shine in this mild to medium strength cigar to delight the palate.

The Avo Maduro

Rich in flavor similar to that of the Avo Classic cigar, the Maduro has the Connecticut BroadLeaf Maduro wrappers that have been aged for a period of three years and fermented for an extra three months; thereafter it is fermented again to produce depth to its color. It is intense although not bitter. Compared to other Avo cigars the Maduro is mild and suitable for individuals who prefer less intensity when it comes to the smoke. The Maduro line includes, Belicoso, Robusto, Piramides among others.

Avo Domaine

This is considered the strongest cigar of all the Avo cigars. It has full-bodied flavors and the tobacco in the Domaine comes from the Avo Uvezian?s plantation in the Dominican Republic. It is magnificently crafted with beautiful glossy wrapper and an elegant band. The flavors are quite excellent, once you take your first draw you will taste black pepper and this will gradually lighten, moreover the complex yet delicious flavors remain throughout your enjoyable experience with an occasional trace of cedar. The Domaine was specifically made for the more experienced cigar smokers however individuals interested in taking up cigar smoking will find this cigar invigorating. The Domain line includes the Avo Domaine, #10, #20, #30, #40, #50 and #60.

The Avo 787

This is a medium bodied aromatic cigar infused with a number of very interesting flavors. This includes dark chocolate, coffee, and the slight hints of spice and nuts with a distinct earthy flavor that is sweet. It has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and its binder and fuller are made from Dominican tobaccos. The wrapper has chocolaty barnyard scent and you can taste the bold earthy chocolate flavor. The Avo 787 line includes, Churchill, Robusto, Toro, Piramides and Perfecto.

The Avo Signature

This excellent cigar is much stronger than the Avo Domaine. Made from high quality aged tobacco it also boasts of an elegant aged Ecuadorian Sun-Grown wrapper that is orange in color. Since the cigar is made of high quality tobacco, the woody flavors are rather intense, the tobacco and oak flavors remain throughout the smoking experience. The Avo Signature line includes the Belicoso, Robusto, Londale and Double Corona.

The Avo XO Intermezzo

The intermezzo has medium to full-bodied aromas with a blond Connecticut wrapper that is glossy. Its flavors are not complex however this cigar is worth smoking if you enjoy delicious woody, coffee, and earthy flavors with a hint of nuts, cinnamon and tart berries. It has a good draw and throughout the flavors continues to intensify. This creamy delightful cigar can be accompanied with a cup of coffee. The Avo XO Intermezzo line includes the Cellos and Tubos.

Avo, No. 6 Toro Grande
Avo, No. 6 Toro Grande
6 x 60, 20 per box
Origin:Dominican Republic
Actual Wrapper:Colorado Claro
Wrapper Category:Natural
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$6.00 off all blends
Origin:Dominican Republic
Actual Wrapper:Colorado Claro
Wrapper Category:Natural


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