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Ashton, 10 Cigar Assortment, Contains 1 each of:Heritage Belicoso, Heritage Corona Gorda, VSG Robusto, VSG Sorcerer, Cabinet #8, Cabinet Pyramid, Maduro #40, Maduro #20, 8-9-8, & Magnum

The Ashton cigars are Dominican in origin. They come in various formats like the belicoso and Lonsdale. They have fillers and binders from the Dominican Republic too. The Dominican domination is interrupted by wrappers like the Connecticut shade from Connecticut and Ecuador. The Ashton brand of cigars boasts of several vitolas like the Robusto, Maduro, Belicoso etc. There are a number of Ashton?s in the market. These include the Ashton Cabinet Selection, Ashton VSG Illusion, Ashton ESG 21 Year Salute, Ashton Maduro No. 20, Ashton Classic 8-9-8, Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Robusto, Ashton Esquire Maduro and Ashton Cabinet Series Belicoso. For the purposes of analysis of this impeccable line of cigars, I will mainly deal with the Ashton Cabinet Selection and the Ashton VSG Illusion. The other members of the Ashton are also splendid cigars in their own right.

The Cabinet Selection is available in a 5 ? x 52 size. It comes in a Connecticut shade wrapper. The Ashton brand organizes Taste of excellence occasions where you can face to face with this beautiful Cigar brand. The Cabinet Selection cigar starts off in a rather sweet way. It has filler from Dominican Republic that boasts of being 4 to 5 years. Its wrapper is plus one more year on this. The Ashton cigar brand has a total of 6 dissimilar fillers in the Cabinet Selection cigar. These fillers take approximately 7 years to be manufactured from seed and reach the prime stage of cigar incorporation.

The Cabinet Selection consists of a gorgeous wrapper that is cappuccino colored and has little if any veining. For the inexperienced eye, you?d be forgiven for thinking it is seamless. It has an excellently done label that is truly splendid. The construction of this cigar can be said to be beautifully done. It has a very firm structure that is well packed. The draw is exactly right. It lights nicely and without much hassles giving out a rich tobacco aroma. The roll is brilliant as is characteristic of all products from Ashton. It has a very level burn line that does not require corrections whatsoever. The ash is pretty firm holding on for several inches unless you tap it off.

The Cabinet Selection has a sweet pre light draw with distant hints of tobacco. The smoke comes in copius amounts. There is also spice hints an inch into the smoke. The mid of this great cigar has creamy undertones with a pretty dramatic finishing of sweet pepper and oak. This cigar is a good vitola ideal for the occassional smoker who enjoys a good smoke. Ashton brands are known for their consistency and pleasure.

The Ashton VSG Illusion is from the Dominican Republic with a Lonsdale format and was unveiled in 1999. It comes in a size 6 ? x 44. The wrapper is from Ecuador while the filler and binder are Dominican. It comes with joint expertise from the Fuente and Olivia families. This magnificent cigar has Dominican tobacco that is aged for close to 5 years.

The VSG is simply gorgeous. What with a toothy wrapper that is sun grown and extremely smooth. Its band is very tasteful with an expertly applied cap. There is nothing unbecoming that can be attributed to its construction as it is perfectly constructed for unparalleled smoking experience. The Ashton VSG just like all other Ashton products has extraordinary flavor blend. There are coffee, spice, vanilla, nuts and butter hints all blended with earthy undertones in one strong incredible full bodied smoke. The Ashton cigar company has some really great premium smokes. Go ahead and buy an Ashton today, it will be worth each and every penny.
Ashton, 10 Cigar Assortment Contains 1 each of:
Ashton, 10 Cigar Assortment Contains 1 each of:
Heritage Belicoso, Heritage Corona Gorda, VSG Robusto, VSG Sorcerer, Cabinet #8, Cabinet Pyramid, Maduro #40, Maduro #20, 8-9-8, & Magnum
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