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The Arturo Fuente cigar establishment dates back to 1912 and was founded by Arturo Fuente, a man who clearly had extensive experience in the making of cigars. Living in Cuba then he passed his knowledge of cigar making to his son Carlos senior and to his grandson Carlos Jr. Throughout the years and having overcome many challenges the Fuente family has risen above expectation to be the producers of some of the finest cigars in the world today.

Production was moved to the Dominican Republic and the Fuente family has taken many strides and has succeeded in owning 4 plantations, 6 factories and has employed approximately 2000 employees. These cigars through excellent workmanship are crafted from medium to full-bodied works of art. The Arturo Fuente cigars are made from high quality Dominican tobacco making them the most sought after cigars and occasionally hard to find. The different brands have different features and come in a variety of different exquisite flavors. For those individuals with an insatiable craving for fine cigars; the Fuente cigars will definitely guarantee satisfaction. There are over 10 different brands of Arturo Fuente cigars and the following are just some of the most sought after brands.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway
These highly demanded cigars are rare because they are produced in limited quantities. They are hand made by the most skilled cigar makers. They are kept in cedar lined aging rooms and are only released during the holiday season. The Fuente Heminway cigars are made of a mild blend of classic Dominican filler tobaccos and have African Cameroon or Maduro wrappers. They have the highest demand in comparison to all the other Arturo Fuente Cigars. They are medium and rich in flavor with a slight sense of sugar and spice.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos
The Don Carlos is a medium bodied Cameroon wrapped magnum opus that has gone through an intensive process to give you the pleasure of smoking an extremely high quality cigar. It has Dominican filler and binder tobaccos. The beautiful Cameroon wrapper has a profound auburn color that has a sweet and spicy taste to it. It is subtle and full of flavor. There is a slight taste of cocoa, barnyard, cedar and caramel. These delightful masterpieces are well worth the buy.

Arturo Fuente Anejo
The Fuente Anejo cigars released in 2000 have a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper that is aged for 5 years in Cognac Barrels. It is full-bodied and torpedo shaped at the front end giving it an appearance relatively close to one of a shark. It has an intense dark maduro wrapper, a red band at the end of the stick and a small number of veins. It is a skillfully crafted cigar that transude sheer beauty. The wrapper is sweet with a slight taste of cinnamon. The cigar is rich in flavor, emanating fruity, oak, cognac and cinnamon flavors. This spectacular looking cigar is just divine.

Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva
The Gran Reserva cigars come in different sizes and have different wrappers. Some of the cigars have a Connecticut wrapper while others have a Central African wrapper. These cigars are made from the finest classic tobaccos and are skillfully rolled with flavorful wrappers, hence making them the most expensive cigars in the world.

Arturo Fuente 8-5-8
This Fuente 8-5-8 has a magnificent dark and ridged wrapper. It has a pleasant flavor however it is slightly bitter at the start but gradually gets richer with a slight woody taste to it. Overall it is a fine cigar that provides a pleasurable experience.
Arturo Fuente, Churchill
Arturo Fuente, Churchill
7 1/4 X 48, 25 per box
Strength:Medium to Full
Origin:Dominican Republic
Actual Wrapper:Colorado Claro
Wrapper Category:Natural
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Strength:Medium to Full
Origin:Dominican Republic
Actual Wrapper:Colorado Claro
Wrapper Category:Natural


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