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Al Capone, Pockets, 2 5/8 x 20, 10/10 pks of small cigarillos

The Al Capone cigars have a very captivating name which originates from the very famous American gangster called Al Capone. These cigars are not handmade rather they are made by machine by the Dannemann Company in Germany. Over half a century the company's success has seen it expand to continents over the world including Europe, Africa and Central America.

The Al Capone cigarillos are made from a mixture of Brazilian and Nicaraguan tobaccos and feature Bahia wrappers that have a sweet taste and a tantalizing aroma. The well aged fillers originate from different regions of Nicaragua which are Jalapa, Esteli and Condega.

The Al Capone cigars are available in sweets flavor which are categorized under filter or non filter and then there is the rum flavored. They are generally sweet, and they taste and smell good. They are medium to full-bodied and are available in either cognac or rum. This means that the cigars have been dipped in either rum or cognac to give them their distinct flavors. They can be purchased as filtered or non-filtered and as either slims or sweets. All Al Capone cigars are sweet on the palate and offer a short lived yet wonderful smoking experience and can be enjoyed when on a short break. The Al Capone brands include, Jamaican Blaze, the Sweets filtered and non-filtered, and The Sweets Tower among others.

In summary the brands feature similar characteristics, they are all small in size, sweet to the taste, utilize Bahia wrappers, have Nicaraguan and Brazilian filler tobaccos and Nicaraguan binders. The difference between these cigars is that some have a cognac flavor and others have a rum flavor, also some have filters and others are without. They come in names like the Al Capone Sweets Filter Cognac Dipped, Al Capone Slims Rum or Al Capone Sweets Non Filtered. The main characteristics of the cigars are Slims or Sweet, filtered or non-filtered, and rum or cognac. The name itself will immediately tell you what to expect in the cigar.

The Al Capone cigars are reasonably priced and therefore if you are an individual who enjoys a quick tasty smoke then this is the cigar that will provide the perfect short lived satisfaction.

Al Capone Sweet Filter
Sweets Filter Cognac Dipped, a unique smoking experience.

Al Capone Sweets
Sweets Cognac Dipped, a Premium Cigarillo with a fine aroma.

Al Capone Slims Rum
Slims Rum Dipped, a classic cigarillo with a very authentic flavor.

Al Capone Filter Menthol
Menthol Filter is the newest hand rolled Premium Cigarillo. Enjoy this perfect combination of quality and flavor...
Al Capone, Pockets
Al Capone, Pockets
2 5/8 x 20, 10/10 pks of small cigarillos, 100 in all
Strength:Mild to Medium
Actual Wrapper:Natural
Wrapper Category:Natural
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Strength:Mild to Medium
Actual Wrapper:Natural
Wrapper Category:Natural


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