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Avo Xo

The Avo XO Series offers a richer blend of six tobaccos,using dominican grown, havana seed binder with genuine Connecticut shade grown wrapper.The Avo XO cigars are considered to be among one of the best cigars on the market. The Avo XO Series is in the middle of the taste and aroma spectrum. It is fuller bodied and stronger in flavor than the Avo Classic, Uvezian's first product, yet a bit milder than the Avo Domaine.

The XO filler, the heart of the cigar, is a blend of the very finest Dominican tobaccos, the majority of them grown on the Uvezian's own plantation in the Dominican Republic. The wrapper originates from the Villa Gonzalez region of the island. This combination of both creates a euphoric synergy of taste and aroma that are incomparable.

An experienced smoker would get great pleasure from the Avo XO. It takes time to acquire the discriminating palate necessary to appreciate this desirable cigar. The more experienced smoker would want to enjoy this cigar in an environment where there are no in distractions, to focus on the insatiable sensations this cigar has to offer. The aroma may seem light and dry, but don't be fooled. The XO cigar has a tremondous complexity of flavors beyond the normal smell. Developing notes of wood and hints of nut are evident at first, reminiscent of outdoor camfires and fresh burning wood. Soon afterward, the scent of of spice will emerge, which will continue through the end of your smoking experience, ending with a medium finish.

The Avo XO is a well balanced cigar that serves as an excellent choice with food and a cigar dinner. This is a great cigar from the famous Davidoff factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic.


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