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Toscano Antico is the quintessential Toscano cigar. It's the favorite cigar of experienced smokers and lovers of the traditional Toscano taste. It is an extremely bold and strong cigar with an intensely bitter taste and wood and pepper notes. Consists of both American and Italian grown tobacco. This powerhouse was made famous in the US market by Clint Eastwood in various films throughout the years.

Toscano Classico was introduced in 1930; a year that marked a consistent improvement in the quality of Italian-grown Kentucky tobacco. Its Italian Kentucky tobacco filler and its pleasant and unusual flavour, which different from other Toscanos, made Toscano Classico an immediate hit. That's how Toscano Classico set the standard for Kentucky tobacco grown in Italy. In the years that followed, the Toscano's popularity and success led to further improvements. Toscano Classico is the most traditional cigar in the range and at over 80 years old can be considered the rightful heir of the first Toscano cigars, made with Italian tobacco in the nineteenth century. Toscano Classico is a medium-strength cigar with an aroma that contains malt, almond and wood notes. The wrapper is made entirely from Italian Kentucky tobacco, while the filler is a blend of Italian and imported Kentucky.
Toscano, Classico
Toscano, Classico
10 packs/5 each, 6 x 38, 50 in all
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