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The Illusione cigar brand has its origins from Nicaragua. It has a Toro format which is especially synonymous to the MJ12. It is available in a size of 6 x 54. The triplicate components of the binder, filler and wrapper all come from Nicaragua. The Illusione brand is by Dion Giolito. The MJ12 stands for the majestic twelve who remain a subject of controversy to this day. It is however thought that they insinuate the twelve Disciples of Christ as Dion is known to have strong Christianity influences. This is further given credibility by the fact that the Illusione MJ12 is considered a cigar with classic connoisseurs? orientation by Dion and the twelve Disciples were indeed authentic connoisseurs of Christianity. The flavors that come with this smokes are said to be so intense that a powered hedge trimmer can mess up with an extension cord without you noticing a thing.

The illusione brand and especially the MJ12 come with foil wrappers. This foil is charged with the protection and promotion of aging of the smoke. The overall look is actually very cool. It has an extremely beautiful caf? Colorado wrapper which is perfectly done. With this cigar, the overall workmanship is perfect to the hilt. It has no visible defects whatsoever. The cap is classic Cuban with some nimble veins showing along its length. The first prelight draw was characterized by unmistakable notes of leathery tobacco notes with somewhat delicate sweetness. Flavors in the first third are actually very gentle with hints of spice and some smooth sweet matured tobacco. The aroma is actually very pleasant which is very characteristic of all illusione cigars. They also have a near perfect draw and a very even burn. At the two thirds point, the draw and burn are still perfectly level. The illusione, I must say is an awfully good display of perfect workmanship. This part of the cigar definitely has more defined flavors. The smoke is very smooth with a body that can be said to be medium full. There are smooth leather undertones coupled with floral sweetness and cinnamon spice. The smoke?s smell is excellently aromatic.

At the point where the cigar reaches the last third, tar undertones take over with some undefined flavors coming into the fray. The burn is also very even without any touch ups required. At 6 x 54, the Illusione MJ 12 is a cigar for the real man. It fills up the hand in a rather authoritative way. The wrapper can be said to be impeccable with the band and foil wrapper being absolutely beguiling. They are a genius marketing strategy. The size and color schemes are just perfect.

The illusione?s construction is above par. You can leave it smoking, do a few errands and find it still smoking away. All this without the necessity of a relight. Quite impressive don?t you think. Its flavor blend is also very nicely done, complex and quite consistent.


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