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Lars Tetens Phat

Alec Bradley Cigar Co. founder Alan Rubin first announced his acquisition of Lars Tetens Brands in April of this year. The acquisition created a partnership between the two cigar makers, Lars Tetens and Alan Rubin; as well as a sales and distribution agreement with Alec Bradley Cigar Co.
Since 1979 Lars Tetens has been renowned in the cigar world for innovating a unique and labor intensive conditioning process using essential oils and botanicals to make the most exotic premium cigars on the market. Conditioned cigars are new to the world of Alec Bradley and at the time of announcement, neither Alan nor Lars speculated as to which of the plethora of cigar brands Lars Tetens would resurrect under the new partnership.
Phat Cigars is an eclectic line of pigtail/closed foot cigar featuring unique sizes and flavors. These cigars are available in mild, medium and full-bodied. The Brief XTC is mild. The medium bodied cigars are the Royal, Asadachi , and Shorty. The full bodied cigars are the Sun Fook Ka and Churchill. Churchill is available in 20 count boxes, and the rest is available in 30 count boxes.


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