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Hoyo De Monterrey, Governors Mad, 6 1/8 X 50, 25 per box

The Hoyo De Monterrey one of the oldest cigar brands in the world was registered by Spaniard Jose Gener Batat in 1867 in Cuba. Gener Batat discovered the cigar gold mine in 1851 after convincing his uncle to open a factory in Havana, he created a trademark, La Escepcion which was used to penetrate the American market and it did successfully. He took charge of the harvesting of tobacco and also its manufacturing and it is withing this period that he gained a lot of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of his cigars. with much success he used his profits to purchase the best plantations and farms in Vuelta Abajo and Pinar del Rio. In 1960 he purchased the a very fertile piece of land in the Valley of Monterrey in Vuelta Abajo which was considered to be on the the best plantations in the entire region. Jose later registered the Hoyo de Monterrey cigar brand that he had created. the word "hoyo", means valley or hole that is rich and where the best tobacco is grown while Hoyo de Monterrey means "Valley of Monterrey", and this was the place where Jose Gener's tobacco was grown.

The brand name becaem a success in the British market and in 1900 Gener passed away and his daughter Lutgarda Gener took over his company. The company was controlled and run by the Gener family for another thirty years and in 1931 they sold the company to focus on their successful sugar cane business. The Hoyo de Monterrey production was expanded to Honduras after the trade embargo. To date they are some of the most sought after cigars and are very rare. They are considered to be the finest cigars in quality and flavor. This hand made cigars are currently produced in Villizon factory in Honduras under the management of Estello Padron. this is a list of some of the fine Hoyo de Monterrey brands.

Hoyo de Tradicion Epicure Cigar

This cigas hail from Honduras and feature a beautiful dark oily Honduran Viso-Rosado wrapper that is cultivated from the Jamastran Valley. It has an amazing blend of Honduran, Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and a Habano Connecticut binder. This mild to medium richly flavored cigar is quite smooth and it is not overpowering. It features all natural tobacco flavors with a slight hint to sweetness. The pre-draw is peppery with slight sweet undertones, some earthiness and wood is also present with nutty undertones. the earthy and peppery flavors remain throughout from start to finish. This medium bodied cigar is smooth and offers a delicious sweet aroma all the way to the finish. They are slightly expensive compared to other mild brands however it is definately worth every penny.

Hoyo Dark Sumatra

This extra rich cigar was created by Estelo Padron, it features an elegant deep dark sun grown Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper that has been aged in wood like bales made of dried palm leaves. It has a special blend of Honduran and Dominican filler tobaccos and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. This full bodied cigar has an amazing aroma and features a complexity of flavors that begin with a buttery taste with hints of dark chocolate, black pepper settles in for a short moment and then the deep chocolate flavor spurs back with slight hints of pepper. The Dark Sumatra is one of the finest cigars from Honduras.

Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Legend

This medium to full bodied cigar features an oily cinnamon Cuban seed US Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The filler is from a blend of Domincan and Nicaraguan tobaccos while the binder is Nicaraguan. The pre-draw offers spices and pepper coupled with tobacco flavors, later earth and paper flavors become present. This amazing flavors remain consistent from start to finish and the cigar remains smooth all the way offering a wonderful smoking experience.

Hoyo Excalibur 1066 Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a medium bodied cigar that has a dark oily Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with a Honduran, Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and a Connecticut Broadleaf binder that has been grown in the Connecticut River Valley. The flavors are quite rich with with earthy flavors coupled with hints of bitter chocolate that are quite consistent throughout and the finish is smooth and creamy.
Hoyo De Monterrey, Governors Maduro
Hoyo De Monterrey, Governors Maduro
6 1/8 X 50, 25 per box
Strength:Medium to Full
Actual Wrapper:Maduro
Wrapper Category:Maduro
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Strength:Medium to Full
Actual Wrapper:Maduro
Wrapper Category:Maduro


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