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Davidoff, Anniversario Special T CELLO, 6 x 36/52, 5/4-packs, 20 in all

Davidoff is a renowned brand worldwide. Zino Davidoff is the man behind the fine Davidoff products. He was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1906, while Davidoff was still very young the family fled to Geneva, Switzerland because of the oppression of the widespread Anti-Semitism in Russia at that period. In 1970, they opened their first tobacco shop in Geneva and one of their regular customers was Vladimir Lenin a communist leader. At the age of 19, Zino Davidoff left for South America to learn more about cigars. He had spent two years at a Cuban plantation where he saw for the very first time, the widely popular Cuban Cigar. He successfully learnd everything about blending cigars.

The Cuban state?s tobacco organization known as Cubatabaco approached Davidoff requesting him to make a personal blend at the famous factory where Fidel Castro?s personal blend of cigars were being made, the El Laguito factory situated in Havana, Cuba. Eventually, after working together since the 1970?s they was a fall out between the two parties and in 1991 Davidoff halted the production of the Cuban Davidoff line. He moved his production to the Dominican Republic and began to produce the Dominican Davidoff line, which was masterfully blended to become an equal to the Cubans. These cigars were not meant to be similar in nature as the Cubans but were meant to be just as good as the Cubans.

Currently Davidoff boasts a wide range of high quality cigars produced only with the best tobacco leaves that have been aged for a full period of four years. These cigars are rich, aromatic, and smooth. The Davidoff cigar is the most popular among the Davidoff cigars. Other brands include the Grand Cru line, the Millenium Blend, the Thousand Series, The Anniversario among others. Davidoff has created cigars that are incomparable in nature and quality.

Davidoff Aniversario seriesThese handmade cigars are manufactured in the Dominican Republic. The Anniversario series features the No. 1, 2, and 3. They are medium to full-bodied and are recognized for their rich intense aroma and their lightness. They are made from aged tobacco and have Connecticut Shade wrappers.

.Davidoff Grand CruThe Grand Cru is a medium-bodied cigar and has a Colorado Claro shade wrapper. Its filler and binder tobaccos are purely Dominican. For the most part, the cigar is sweet with toasty undertones. It is has a fantastic blend of San Vicente, salty Olor and peppery Piloto Cubano tobaccos. This exquisite blend creates a unique flavor that remains throughout the smoke. This cigar may seem overpowering due to its complex flavors however it has a surprisingly mild and smooth smoke. The Grand Cru is a fine cigar although quite expensive it is just sublime.

Davidoff Puro RobustoThis beauty has a light- colored Colorado wrapper that has no veins. It is full bodied and has a Dominican wrapper leaf that has been aged for a full period of three years. Rich in flavor the Puro Robusto is rather powerful at the beginning, sweet ?root and earthy flavors are sensed the moment you light it up, as you continue to enjoy the Puro Robusto there is a pleasant spicy flavor with woody undertones. These superb cigars cost a pretty penny and they are meant for those with deep pockets.

Davidoff MilleniumThe Millenium is a full-bodied cigar that features a Colorado brown wrapper that has a fantastic earthy flavor with mocha undertones. It has Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. It has intricate flavors that harmoniously emanate an incredible aroma. The flavors feature chocolate with a hint of coffee; there are also floral and nutty flavors present. These flavors are well balanced throughout the smoke. The Millenium is rich flavorful cigar whose price tag is not for those with a limited budget.
Davidoff, Anniversario Special  T CELLO
Davidoff, Anniversario Special T CELLO
5/4-packs, CELLO, 20 in all
Origin:Dominican Republic
Actual Wrapper:Colorado Claro
Wrapper Category:Natural
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Origin:Dominican Republic
Actual Wrapper:Colorado Claro
Wrapper Category:Natural


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