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Avo Domaine

The Avo brands of cigars are synonymous with Mr. Uvezian. I am going to review today the Avo Signature Lonsdale, the Avo Domaine 20 Perfecto, the Avo Classic No. 2 and the Avo XO Intermezzo. Let me start with the Signature Lonsdale.

Avo Signature Lonsdale

This cigar has its origins in the Dominican Republic. It boasts of the Lonsdale format and is available in the 6 X 43 size. Both the binder and filler are from the Dominican Republic while the wrapper which is sun grown is manufactured in Ecuador. A piece of this Avo signature Lonsdale cigar retails at $10.

The creation of this cigar was done as a commemoration of Avo Uvezian 75th birthday. He was a filler and binder from the Dominican Republic. This cigar has a rich tobacco aroma built within a near orange wrapper which is very bright. It cuts easily with a predraw that mostly consists of woody flavors. It rates 4.5 in a scale of 5.

It exhibits a fine construction which assures of a self regulating burn and generous amounts of smoke. The flavors are not that exceptional. It mainly consists of woody flavors in the first few puffs, while the rest of the cigar is characterized by oak and tobacco flavors though there are distant traces of hazel nut. The $10 per stick price is a bit on the upper side considering there are some cigars with identical reliability and almost similar flavor. If you are out for cigars that will sooth your frayed nerves then this is definitely it. However, I must say that its price /quality quotient is a bit low.

Avo Domaine 20 Perfecto

This cigar just like the others is originally from the Dominican Republic. It takes the format perfecto. It comes in a size of 4 5/8 x 52. The wrapper which boasts of double fermentation hails from Ecuador while the binder and filler are from the Dominican Republic. I have always had a weakness for perfectos which got the better of me when I came across this stunning beauty in Paris. Perfectos have an uncanny characteristic of facilitating the concentration of all your senses on the sticks flavor. Avo Uvezian from Dominican Republic owns the finca Domaine AVO from where the tobacco used in this cigar comes from.

If cigar reviews were all about aesthetics, then the perfecto would rank very highly. The wrapper is a shiny brown which oozes class and elegance. The pre draw is slightly woody while the aroma is cubanesque. The perfecto has an outstanding construction which ensures a near perfect burn and a fresh flawless draw. The burn is unhurried resulting in a white solid ash.

To start with, it has a pepperish flavor with a medium bodied and smooth smoke. The rest of the cigar is characterized by a leathery flavor evened out by cedar undertones. The only trace of harshness is found when you hit the nub. The $6 price per stick is a fair deal for the perfecto. This cigar would make for a nice offer to your non smoking pals or for the early morning smoking forays.

Avo Classic No. 2

Once again this lovely cigar is from the stables of Mr. Avo Uvezian who is from the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is Ecuadorian with the binder and filler originating from the Dominican Republic. It boasts of a Toro format. It is considered to be just the right smoke for a beginner in most occasions. This is because it is very gentle with an exemplary construction and a richly satisfying aroma.

It?s unblemished claro wrapper coupled with a beautiful band lures a good number of newbie?s. It has a flawless construction which facilitates lots of nice smelling rich white smoke. This happens to be expressly from non smokers and females for that matter. The taste is velvety with a rather consistent velvety flavor. This is accompanied with intermittent flavors of hazelnut and coffee in the first third, the second third has pepper flavor and floral notes coupled with leather in the last third. It might not come across as intricate for the veteran smoker but it?s still very respectable.

In order to end up with a fair price/quality quotient, it is imperative that do a thorough online research because the price is a bit high. They are appropriately stored in a humidor fro where they can be offered to friends. Who knows, you might even be able to convert a few pals to be habitual smokers.


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