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Aging Room M356ii

Aging Room M356ii cigars are the newest creation from Habana Cuba Cigar Co. and Rafael Nodal, president of the company. The leaves used in Aging Room were originally set aside for their Swag line, but there wasn't enough of this tobacco to meet the level of production they were going for. The leaves were set aside and on Monday, December 22, 2008 (Aging Cigar's namesame - M stands for Monday, and December 22 was the 356th day of 2008, hence M356), Aging Room 356 was created. Opening a box of these cigars, the rich smell of of vanilla, caramel and pepper are evident right out of the cellophane. A complex cigar with nice rounded flavors - hints of roasted nuts, fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper are present. The Aging Room M356 are by far one of the best Habana Cuba cigars. A solid smoke that?s sure to please those looking for a medium bodied cigar! These smokes will not be around forever as the tobacco in the blend is very rare. So get your box before they are gone!


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