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San Cristobal

The release of San Cristobal is a monumental occasion for cigar lovers. This brand new cigar is unbelievable! The Holt's Tasting Committee is totally blown away; we think this is the finest cigar to hit the market since the Ashton VSG in 1999! Manufactured in Nicaragua by Jose "Pepin" Garcia exclusively for Ashton, San Cristobal is a brand that's destined for greatness. Pepin is one of the hottest cigar makers in the world, and Ashton is world-renowned for quality, consistency and great taste. This is a match made in heaven! Handcrafted meticulously by artisan rollers, San Cristobal showcases a beautiful, breathtaking Nicaraguan wrapper. The wrapper is dark-brown, oily and teeming with rich, juicy flavors. Beyond this wrapper, a beefy Nicaraguan binder cradles a captivating blend of delectable Nicaraguan tobaccos. The flavor is bold, spicy and very complex. Heavy doses of earth and spices are followed by mouthwatering notes of dark chocolate, black cherry and coffee beans. Each cigar is constructed impeccably and finished with a traditional Cuban Triple-Cap. Available in boutique boxes of 22, San Cristobal is an absolute must-try for all cigar enthusiasts.


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