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Curivari Achilles La Iliada

The Curivari La Iliada line builds on the love of Greek heritage and culture that Curivari's owner, Andreas Throuvalas, has made an interwoven thread throughout his portfolio.
In Greek mythology, Achilles is the here of the Trojan War and the central character in Homer's Iliad, which forms the second part of this line's name. His legend lives on to this day as he was said to be invulnerable in all part of his body except one, his heel, which is where we get the term "Achilles' heel" for someone's weakness, as well as the quasi-medical term Achilles' tendon, the layman's term for the calcanea tendon that sits at the back of the leg and attaches several muscles to the heel bone. It's also the thickest tendon in the human body.
A medium to full bodied smoke, this cigar is enveloped in a reddish brown wrapper. Pointed flavors of wood and pepper are evident in this cigar, with a sweetness of cedar and maple. The Curivari Achilles La Iliada shows impressive balance and complexity. The cigar is still quite balanced and palate-friendly!


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