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Acid Krush

The originators of the Acid Cigars were Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel who created the cigars in 1995 using the name Drew Estate. The two men made the cigars on their own with imported materials. They produced a blend called La Vieja Habana, which became a success and was an inspiration and the basis of Acid Cigar production in their upcoming businesses. Their success allowed them to relocate to Nicaragua regardless of the fact that they knew the small island had been hit by a hurricane, which meant low prices and very few if any investors. Furthermore, Jonathan Drew hardly spoke a word of Spanish and the opening of the factory saw only two employees show up for work. However this did not discourage Mr. Drew from pursuing his desire to make cigars, through diligence and hard work he eventually became successful. Drew and Samel later partnered with a man called Scott Chester who owned a studio called Arielle Chester Industrial Design (ACID). The three men who had partnered for the purposes of production and marketing the cigars decided to call them Acid cigars.

Like all other cigars the acid cigars contain tobacco however the other ingredients are somewhat interesting and they include, herbs, essential oils and botanicals. Acid cigars have a quite unique blend compared to the other cigars in the market. Furthermore these exceptional cigars are hand-rolled. The Drew Estates in 2002 released the Spiced Cigar Blend and the Ambrosia, which had an amazing blend of herbs and spice. They had found an ingenious way to make spiced herbal cigars that were distinctively Drew Estates. Other brands that were later produced were the Acid Krush Cigars, Acid Kuba Kuba, Blondie, 1-Black, 1400cc, and C Note.

The uniqueness of the Acid cigar blends has attracted many enthusiasts as well as beginners in the cigar smoking circles. They are made of whole leaf long filler Nicaraguan tobaccos and essential oils. The entire cigar industry has not seen quite an invention and this cigars are incomparable. This rather bravura cigars have gained immense popularity among cigar smokers appealing to a younger generation as well. They come in different sizes and wrappers.

The Blue Cigar is an Acid line that is the most popular and has the widest range of cigars. They are loved for their unique taste that emanates from an infusion of tobacco, essential oils, natural herbs, and floral botanicals. This line includes blends like, Kuba Kuba, 1440cc, Blondie, Wafe and Kong.

The Kuba Kuba cigar was released in 2000 has a combination of fine cigar tobaccos and herbs. It is wrapped in Cameroon leaf that has aged for more than 90 days. They are small and available in a number of colors, including red, purple, blue, and gold. This unique high quality cigar is a revelation of what a high lifestyle is. It is no wonder that only a handful of these exquisite cigars are released every year. Individuals who have had the opportunity to enjoy the pleasurable Kuba Kuba claim that they are best smoked while driving in a fancy car. Since they are handcrafted only a limited number is produced and more work goes into the blends that have to be aged for five years, making this a truly magnificent cigar.

The Acid Krush cigars are small and have long filler Nicaraguan tobaccos rolled in Sumatra wrappers. They are blend with a combination of herbs, essential oils, and botanicals. These delicate cigars have an amazing flavor and are perfect if you need a quick smoke. The Acid Fat Tips like the Krush cigars are practical if you need to have a quick smoke. They come in a delicious variety of infusions each with a distinct taste.

The Acid Blondie manufactured in Nicaragua is hand rolled like all other Acid cigars and has a splendid blend of essential oils, herbs, and botanicals. It is a mild and rich in aromas.

The Acid 1 Black is a non-aromatic cigar and the only one of its kind in the Acid line. The 1 Black is torpedo shaped and has a sweet delightful African Cameroon Wrapper.

The Acid C-Note cigars have a spicy Sumatra wrapper and all other aspects of the cigar are similar to other Acid cigars.

Other brands belonging to the Acid cigar family include Acid Nasty, Acid Ronin, Acid Wafe, Acid Kong Cameroon and the list is endless. Any of these superb brands can be purchased online and some of which have a reasonable price tag. The unique Acid Cigars are undeniably the finest cigars in the market today.
Acid Krush, TINS Classic Morado Maduro
Acid Krush, TINS Classic Morado Maduro
4 x 32, 5 packs of 10, 50 small cigars
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Actual Wrapper:Maduro
Wrapper Category:Maduro
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